Is Crypto now as mainstream as other currencies? - 17/06/22

Crypto can garner many differing sentiments from those familiar with its popularity and purpose. For some, crypto is considered an unsuitable investment of both time and money that carries recognisable hallmarks of a non-regulated, bubble-prone economy.

Others see it as the future of global commerce and stability, changing the face of banking, political positioning, and a way to rebalance the distribution of wealth.

Indeed something so polarising can’t have its place in the mainstream, yet with every week passing, we witness the launch of the next cryptocurrency.

So can it now be considered a truly global endeavour?

Most market economists will point out that the rise of cryptocurrency in recent years shows a strong appetite for more decentralised finance and possibly a shift away from more traditional financial institutions.

Crypto has undoubtedly become a more exciting means of engaging with investment and markets for younger investors and those wishing to invest quickly, shrinking generational disposable cash.

Thomas Olsen, a partner at Bain &Company, said, “Most people agree that in the future - it might be 10 or 20 or years or it might be sooner - effectively all assets will be in a digital format”.

Many banks are now accepting crypto for deposits and other transactions, and Mastercard has announced that banks and other merchants will be able to use its payment system to store cryptocurrencies.

Crypto has evolved away from the traditional stereotypes of a currency used to pay for illegal services anonymously to something you could use to pay for a coffee or even a house. Today, many money market account managers would argue that diversifying into crypto whilst forming a solid base on stable clockwork investments like UK buy-to-let is a popular choice.

With crypto becoming more widespread every day, there is a chance for both cryptocurrency and property investment to work together to give the best possible returns for individuals who invest.

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