LCR Connect, changing Liverpool’s infrastructure - 09/09/22

LCR Connect is planning on redefining Liverpool City Region’s digital infrastructure. Delivering a 212km full-fibre, ultrafast, gigabit-capable network infrastructure across the region, LCR Connect plans on equipping residents and businesses with cloud-enabled technology.

Focused on businesses, investors, universities, schools, hospitals, residents, and students, LCR Connect plans on providing six local authorities access to next-generation, future-proofed and cloud enabled technologies.

By providing this service, it places businesses within the City Region in prime position to lead the way in a host of growing sectors such as life sciences, health, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and advanced manufacturing. This will ultimately lead to growth in investment and a large increase in Liverpool’s economy.

The six boroughs on the city region will be connected through the network and will link key digital assets including Data Centres, BT exchanges and landing stations for national and international connections.

The service is partnered equally by both Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and North West based ITS Technology Group- who will lead the project in collaboration with partner NGE- a new generation of contractors in construction, who focus on developing communities throughout advancement in infrastructure.

It is believed the result of this partnership will generate an economic boost of £1bnwhilst creating thousands of jobs and local training opportunities, thanks to the 100% full-fibre coverage.

Liverpool believes an important aspect of the city’s identity lies in culture. With this advancement, they hope the new digital infrastructure will serve the city’s history as the operation will operate with three key ideologies in mind: authenticity, compassion, and integrity. Leading by example, the region believes this will ultimately continue creativity, drive ambition, and pioneer the spirit to keep providing the best digital experience for all.

Recent statistics reveal that the digital economy within the UK employs 1.5 million people and provides £150bn to the UK economy. This sector is larger than several titan industries such as agriculture, mining and quarrying, hotels and catering. With the ever-growing digital economy, it is a wise decision for the City Region to join the growth and put itself in the position of becoming a digital leader within the North West.

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