Northern Powerhouse Tech Investment - 16/09/22

Manchester has recently gained the investment of American tech firm Credera, who plans to invest £45 million into both Manchester and Newcastle.

Following a successful London Tech Week, American tech consultancy firm Credera has announced a £45million investment in the Northern Powerhouse cities of Manchester and Newcastle, which is set to create 300 jobs.

Credera has split the investment accordingly:

Manchester will receive £20 million, creating 150 graduate roles over the following three years- the idea of this investment is to create a safe space for graduates looking to kickstart their careers within the thriving UK tech sector.

Secondly, Newcastle will receive £25 million, creating 160 high-skilled roles.

Secretary of State for International Trade Anne-Marie Trevelyan has commented, “This boost of investment into our thriving northern tech sector is testament to the friendly and open business environment the UK offers, which creates high-value jobs, delivers clean growth and innovation, and builds our economy

The UK tech sector is valued at £764 billion- $1 Trillion US- and is viewed all over the world as a top international destination for technological investment.

Trevelyan continues to support the northern cities, “The Northern Powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with and I’m pleased to see this government’s levelling up agenda having real, tangible benefits for the public up and down the country.

Manchester has a strong reputation within the tech sector already as being a great place to work. The extra investment provided by Credera will now solidify the city as the place to start a career.

During 2020-21, the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)projects created over 4,000 new jobs within the North West with hopes to cement the UK as an ambitious tech sector with plenty of high-skilled jobs available.

The Northern Powerhouse is set continue growing over the next couple years with a wealth of investments lined up. Last month, EY’s recent Annual Attractiveness Survey regarded the UK as having the highest level of investment intent recorded to date.

This is a clear sign to investors that Northern Cities hold the key to UK’s future. The current wealth of investments alongside personal city regenerative developments means there is no better time to invest in the Northern Powerhouse.

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