UK Property Market Too Hot To Handle - 15/04/22

The last 18-months have seen some of the most unpredictable economic conditions for over 50 years, with governments across the globe feeling the financial strain of supporting those required to isolate as a result of covid. Business activity has also taken a real hit, with hospitality and travel feeling the most impact.

And yet, despite this continued upheaval, some industries have seen positive stability and, in some cases, strong growth. Online retailers such as Amazon and eBay have seen massive demand from consumers looking to get their normal retail fix. Takeaway delivery services too have seen people choose to eat at home, even after restrictions have started to ease.

Also seeing record demand is the UK property market, with prices growing by over 15per cent in some parts of the region. Leading online property portal Zoopla reported last month that available supply is now at its lowest level in over 6 years, and despite the end of the UK’s stamp duty holiday, interest in buying and selling has never been higher.

What we should take from this is the UK property market has continued to deliver a reliable investment case.With rental demand and supply far from reaching amalgamation, we expect to see this growth continue far into 2023.

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